Redguard (Online)
General Information
Homeworld Nirn
Habitat Hammerfell
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Status Non-threatened
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Elder Scrolls Universe
Created by Bethesda

The people of Hammerfell, also known as Redguards are a race of man inhabiting Nirn. They are dark-skinned, and are average in height and intelligence compared to other races of Tamriel. They come from the desert region of Hammerfell, and are know to produse the fighting warriors. Their versatility has allowed them to adapt to the hard reality's of their surroundings, and has proven a useful skill in helping them endure whatever they encounter, in both war and peace.

The Redguards used to live on the continent of Yokuda. However, during the first era, a group called the Hiradirge somehow sank Yokunda, forcing its inhabitants to flee. After finding a new home in Volenfell, they remained solitary for 200 years, until they where forced by necessity to side themselves with the Bretons to fight their shared enemy in the Orsimer. After the victory, they opened up more to outsiders, and even replaced their old langues to better communicate with others. Dispite their connections to allies, many still refused to accept new traditions or to become involved with the Imperial backed empire. Even after becoming members of the empire, the northern part of the country kept to the older traditions.

In the forth Era, the Redguards left the empire after the events of the great war. During the war, the Redguards where able to repel the Altmer and felt that the empire would have won the war if they continued to fight instead of surrendering.

Starting from childhood, every member of their society are trained in combat. This has helped them withstand and push back invading forces from the beginning of their history. They have a strong mistrust of magics, particularly magics like Mysticism, conjurations, and most of all necromancy. However, those that do practice magic do excel in destruction spells.


Redguard portrait

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