General Information
Homeworld Zebes
Diet Unknown (possibly nothing)
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Metroid Universe

Reflec Reflecs were mysterious objects, likely mechanical as opposed to organic in nature, that reflected shots fired at it upon being hit with three of them. These may have been dismantled just in time to prevent Samus Aran's usage of them, as a Reflec's attacks could actually hit each other, causing damage to eventually be stacked to the point where a reflected shot could actually heal the being hit with it. Even so, the removal of such objects did nothing to impede Samus' progress whether the removal to disadvantage her would have been intentional or not.

Since Zebes, the only place that they were known to be stationed, was destroyed, it may be that all Reflecs have been destroyed, although since the probability of them being mechanoids is extremely likely, they could always be rebuilt and cannot be considered as extinct.

Notes Edit

  • Reflecs are an opponent that was created for use in Super Metroid, but that were dropped before the game was released.

Appearances Edit

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