032112 battleship alien
General Information
Homeworld "Planet-G"
Habitat Dark, cold, barren, water-like, devoid of sunlight
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Unknown
Subspecies/Races None
Behind the Scenes
Universe Battleship Universe

The Regents are a species of sapient, spacefaring humanoids.

Biological AppearanceEdit

The Regents are a tall mammalian species that appear humanoid. They are bipedal and wear dark armored suits with bronze-gold highlights on top of a skintight suit. They have four digits on each hand, minuscule ears, flat faces, a porcupine-like bristle on their chin and green gold-flecked eyes that are extremely sensitive to bright light. They also have two extra nostrils beneath their eyes.

Their armored suits are surmounted by airtight helmets pressurized with an unknown gas and an integrated identification friend-or-foe system that can detect enemies through red-green vision. The helmets also have extreme-sunglasses lenses to aid with seeing in the sunlight.


In 2005, the planet G was discovered and the humans sent a message, to which no reply came through. 7 years later, in 2012, the aliens respond by flying to Earth in five ships, one crashing in Hong Kong which was confirmed as a communications vehicle. The Regents were a species that lived on an unidentified planet much like Earth, which humans named "Planet-G", on which they spent most of their lives. However as identified in a flashback scene, where one alien is brought on board a human ship. It confirms that their planet was attacked by other aliens. This can be confirmed because the ships or spaceship that attack their own planet are not like there own. Its believed they were escaping the remains of there own planet and came across our signal. It was clear that among the 5 spaceships that crashed into the Pacific ocean one was a communication vehicle. It is believed they were looking for safe refuge and trying to establish contact with other surviving members of there species. Their vehicles were not designed for war but mining. As the Regents are not a culture based on war. It's safe to say their aggressive response was down to our attack on them. It's safe to say that we do not know the alien race that attacked there's. It's also safe to say the ships they used to escape there own planet were crafts used for mining resources on their own planet. The regents don't live on the surface, they live within its depths, in caves, and buildings made from rock. However, they venture out in the evening light.

Upon landing in the Pacific, the Regent mother-ship created a force-field that blocked all naval ships from entering (other than the American and Japanese navy battleships) and covered all of Hawaii. After the ships attack the three assault ships, they shoot peg-shaped missiles that explode shortly after contact with their enemies, destroying the USS John Paul Jones, the USS Sampson, and the Myōkō; a Japanese missile destroyer.

The Regents then attacked Hawaii with strange machines called "Shredders" that tore through a military base, highway roads, buildings and nearly killed a boy playing baseball. The aliens then go to Oahu and use the satellite communications to send messages to their home world..

However, upon using the retired warship "USS Missouri", they sidetracked the alien ships and destroy all, including the mothership. They also send a warhead that destroys the aliens in the Oahu observatory.

Apparently, it is believed that they may have survived or have returned to Earth, as in a post-credits scene, schoolboys and a handyman in Scotland discover a strange object. Apparently excited to see inside, the handyman manages to open the ship, but before they can look inside, one of the Regents' hands appears, making the boys and handyman run screaming.


  • Battleship (2012)