The Rellarians were a humble humanoid race native to the moon Rellnas Minor, inhabiting the moon's polar regions and living in harmony with their surroundings. Despite their fearsome appearance, they have been likened to the Ithorians for their love of nature. Rellarins were covered with thick shell plates. Their heads were topped with similar plates, and their small eyes sit above a triangular field of feeding spikes that replace a mouth. Their hands were huge, almost twice the size of a Wookiee's hands. They were a competitive species, but were respected for their fair play and gamesmanship. There were known to be at least 57 unique Rellarin tribes, each with its own religious and cultural beliefs. As a race, Rellarins were not very technological. They were a primitive race that uses spell-like incantations to make decisions and influence their surroundings.

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