Remulak was the home planet of the Remulakians (Coneheads). It was ruled by a near-absolute monarch called the High Master.

General Information Edit

The location of the planet relative to earth is unknown, but the usage of an "Intergalactic Communicator" implies that it could be outside of the milky way galaxy, although the animated series places the world 16 light-years away from Earth. The planet has 3 moons (which the native peoples use as an insignia) every Zerl the three moons align.

Environment Edit

Remulak was a largely volcanic world, and consequently fire became a constant theme in Conehead culture. It has three moons, and it orbits twin suns. The whole local solar system orbits a black hole.

History Edit

Early in its history, Remulak was divided into ten tribes of Remulakians who warred with each other and later united under its current monarchial rule as started by the first High Master.

In more recent history, the Remulakians developed spaceship technology, faster-than-light drive, and advanced weaponry. As a result, Remulak became the capital of an interstellar empire.

Native Life Edit

Overall not much is known about the native life, there is one known Sapient Species and one known beast, the Garthok. The Garthok has an important role in ancient culture, criminals would battle with the beast since ancient times, those victorious would secure their freedom (though this is rare).

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