Reptilon is the home planet to the Dinosaucers and the Tyrannos in the 1987 animated TV show Dinosaucers. It's located in a counter Earth orbit and thus hidden from view by the Sun.

Geography Edit

Reptilon is a world ranging in climate from volcanic expanses to near paradise like tropics. It doesn't hail or snow on Reptilon. [2] The planet has few oceans and appears to be a massive landmass. It once had a supply of the element the Dinosaucers called Dinocium, which Earth has only recently discovered. It's a crystal used for storing energy like a battery and it's scarcity has contributed to the current energy crisis. [1]

Government Edit

Reptilon is in a sense united under the rule of the Genghis Rex (Great Ruler), but in another sense divided. It has a united police force and Tyranno law seems to be global with the colonization project regarding Earth being universally known and participated in. While Genghis Rex is on Earth his sister is acting Regent of Reptilon (furthering that it is governed by them). The divide comes in with regard to the homeland of the Dinosaucers which is not completely free but highly autonomous with in the global government.

History Edit

Reptilon is home to a diverse population resembling the dinosaurs and other ancient life forms of prehistoric Earth, save in being upright sapient beings. Their civilization entered it's space age more then 5000 Reptilonian years ago, which is the same time 'Dinovolving' was perfected by Stego-Ra. [4] The planet was united in a war against a species of Sabertooth cat beings which the united efforts of the global government expelled from Reptilon into space where they have become pirates. The Fossilizer, a ray gun capable of petrifying it's target was invented by these cats. After the conflict, and the royal family's new found powers, Reptilon experiences some stability- but began to face an energy crisis which lead to a plan to colonize Earth via conquest. The Dinosaucers (most of whom whom where civilians though at least one was an Officer of the Reptilon Police) opposed this and left in their own ship to make it to Earth to carry out a different plan of their own and protect Earth from the rule of the current Genghis Rex (who is not the first as at least five others have ruled before him) while preparing for a peaceful relationship of trade and immigration between Reptilon and Earth (something they can't work out till Genghis Rex abandons his plans to conquer Earth). To this end they recruit a group of teenagers to serve as their scouts in secret. When Genghis Rex does arrive he is met with resistance by the Dinosaucers and they feud for a time till the Sabertooth cat aliens invade the Earth. It's at this point that both sides put aside their conflict and fight the Sabertooths; in the process revealing themselves to the people of Earth. Earth extends it's official thanks to Genghis Rex and the others, and offer to supply Reptilon with 'cat nip' which proves highly effective against Reptilon's long time foes. During the period that follows both parties maintain a base on Earth though focus shifts to stabilizing Reptilon (uniting it or reforming it) rather then global conquest. With public knowledge regarding these aliens on Earth neither side can carry out the same operations they use to as Earth is now monitoring their activities.

Relations with Earth Edit

As stated Reptilon did have plans to colonize Earth though conquest has been put to the side for now. Though even before the series Reptilonians where aware of Earth. During the dawn of their space age one of their scientist, who had perfected Dinovolving had left Reptilon to come to Earth in order to get away from rivals. On Earth this scientist, Stego-Ra, became adviser to Pharoah Khufu of Egypt and in such position provided him with details regarding pyramid construction. The common Reptilonian is curious about 'Humans' to the point of a Museum of Natural Humans being established; for which Genghis Rex donated some captured members of the 'secret scouts' so the museum could have a live exhibit. Not one to turn down a royal gift the curator accepted. The museum features statues of ancient humans and relics from Humanity's past and was successful on it's opening day. The captured subjects where given an exhibit resembling the Living Room from the old TV Show "I Love Ricky" (that Earth's version of I Love Lucy). The exhibit was labeled 'Humans in their Natural Habitat: Caution do not throw raw meat'. The only verbal reception we hear is from one Reptilon citizen to another; "Wow, real humans from Earth, how would you like to have one of them as a pet?". While the exhibit is no longer up as the Humans where taken back to Earth by the Dinosaucers the museum has presumably remained open. These Humans did however get to visit the planet latter on more favorable conditions where they got to mingle with the locals at a vacation resort. This was around the time that Earth became aware of the Reptilons. Presently, while still having a presence on Earth, Reptilon isn't engaged in active efforts to settle or conquer the world and has instead shifted focus on getting rid of opposition to such efforts- namely the Dinosaucers.

Prehistoric Link Edit

While never explored in the series there is evidence to suggest some transfer of organisms from Earth to Reptilon or vice versa in the past. Namely the episodes "Sleeping Booty" and "Loch and Bay Gulls". The first features a giant sea creature said to be like those on Reptilon, and the second features an ancient sapient Elasmasaurus who has survived in Loch Nesse for 65 Million Years and is still young. According to her she woke up one day and the others where gone. No Elasmasaurus like specimens are seen on Reptilon in the series but her intellect, long life, and the sudden disappearance of her kin could allude to some unseen extraterrestrial intervention that resulted in Reptilon being populated by Dinosaurs (who evolved into Reptilonians) and Sabertooth Tigers (who still reside on the planet though their sapient counterparts have long ago been banished into space).

Culture Edit

Reptilon culture is at times difficult to pin down as Teryx, the Dinosaucer's resident Anthropologist and a former actress, tries to understand Earth culture and comes up with some similarities that do not always end up accurate nor does she at times fully understand English words. For example; Teryx is on her world what we'd call an Actress but when first informed that acting is pretending to be someone your not she states this to be wrong and states that such is lying. It's important to note in this situation that Teryx's work in what we'd call acting is actually in the realm of 'historical drama'. She portrays historical figures (ancient members of Reptilon's royalty). This is because all television on Reptilon, by global law, is educational. Such is why the Dinosaucers initially believe everything they see on Human television and read in books (even fairytales). Things on Reptilon are quite literal so they don't understand why one would make things up. An example of the literal nature of thier society can be found in a misunderstanding of the Earth term 'Kill the lights', which we understand means 'turn the lights off' but to them it literally meant shoot the light fixtures. Citizens of Reptilon seem to experience economic freedom (fast food chains and private businesses abound) but do not have any political rights (even in the Dinosaucer's home country). It's all very autocratic but not totalitarian. The government is a hereditary one and it seems that the idea of democracy has never occurred to them.

Calendar Edit

Reptilon's calender is different then our own, one of the days of the Reptilon week is Sauraday.

Celebrations, Festivals, and More Edit

  • Egg Day - Egg Day is the Reptilon equivalent to Birthday. Reptilon's never developed the tradition of 'surprise parties' for this occasion but at some point in their past a customary 'party animal toy' became tradition, it's a little chomping Reptilon like toy that activates when the toy shell holding it in place is opened. It's built in such away that it returns to it's egg for next year. It's introduced in the episode 'Happy Egg Day' where the Dinosaucers learn about the Human custom of Birthday Parties and combine both traditions for Paul's 17th birthday.
  • Snarfling - Snarfling is some kind of activity involving flashy outfits. It's conducted by teenaged Reptilons and involves some level of dancing. It seems to likely involve some level of courtship with the flashy outfits meant to attract a Snarfling partner. It's not very clear what Snarfling is as it took Teyrx some time to determine what the word Dance meant and we never get a definition of Snarfling though it may be their word for dating. [5]
  • Reptile Fair - This is a global event where Reptilons dress up in costume to resemble their ancestors amid a feast of candy and roasted meat accompanied by dancing. It seems most Reptilons favor dressing in a fashion we'd call 16th or 17th century based though others prefer something more 19th or even medieval in attire (Teyrx being of the latter in preference). The Dinosaucers and Tyrannos return to Reptilon to participate in this festival during the episode 'The Babysitter'.

Economy Edit

Reptilon has a very privatized economy and it's currency is called Dinodollars. They have a form of card based transaction as well. The only industry that seems to be heavily regulated is media, which is regulated to maintain honesty and promote educational programming. All other industry and enterprises, including museums, are privatized.

Species Edit

On Reptilon the various species co-exist easily and without distinction save on three factors; aquatic, land, and avian. The species are all biologically compatible with one another and all are egg layers; the only exception where the Sabercats (classified as Mammal) who where banished into space. Social stigma generally agrees that aquatics can get with land and land can get with Avian but Avian and Aquatics do not mix. With that being said here is a list of terrestrial species the Reptilonian population resembles and according to the results of devolver technology are descended from; Ankylosaurus, Apatosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Brachiosaurus, Deinoychus, Dimetrodon, Hadrosaurus, Ichthyosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Plesiosaurus, Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus, Styracosaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus. They consider Earth's dinosaurs to be their cousins and where generally curious into how their cousins went extinct till coming to the conclusion that cold weather killed them off. [2]

Wildlife Edit

  • Giant Reptilian Biped [1]
  • Sabertooth Tigers [3]

Sources Edit

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