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Universe Halo Universe
Species Kig-Yar
Gender Male
Homeworld Eayn
Date of Death 2534
Affiliation Covenant
Weapon Proficiencies Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol
Type-51 Carbine
Type-50 Sniper Rifle System

Reth was a Kig-Yar rebel leader - quite possibly a Jackal Zealot - who settled down in the Rubble alongside Human refugees. As leader of the Kig-Yar forces in this location, he bred an army of Unggoy on the surface of the planet Metisette, a nearby planet.

Background History Edit

Despite his high rank within the Insurrectionists, his allegiance with them was simply a ruse; he merely had been placed there with the intent to acquire the location of Earth before wiping out the entire Insurrectionist forces with his Unggoy forces. He was successful in his infiltration to an extent, and he and his forces were believed to in fact to be rebels by both Humans and the Covenant forces sent by the High Prophet of Regret, he was in fact acting under the orders of the High Prophet of Truth, whom had no faith in Regret's methodology. Reth went along with Truth's plan as he believed that upon completion of his mission he would earn the Kig-Yar their place at the prophet's side. The Unggoy who followed him did so because he had promised them Metisette, which had an abundance of methane, a chemical that they require to breathe.

Due to the High Prophet's conflicting orders to their troops, Reth was eventually kidnapped from The Redoubt by Thel 'Vadamee, Zhar, Saal, and Veer in order to attempt to extract information from him through torturous means, although they refused to believe him when he admitted to following the orders of the Hierarchs because of the confliction. He soon escaped imprisonment by fooling his Unggoy guards into releasing him, and fled. However, when he learned that Peter Bonifacio had in fact lost Earth's navigational data, he became infuriated and immediately prepared to launch a massive assault upon the Rubble as well as Habitat Exodus asteroid. It was here that Reth met his end, as he was killed while trying to escape the Rubble as it crashed into the Redoubt on Metisette.

Trivia Edit

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