A dangerous Luminoth combat mechanoid, the Rezbit guards the chambers and passageways of the Sanctuary Fortress, after rebelling against their creators during the Ing/Luminoth war. They primarily use energy weapons and shields in combat.

Rezbits appear as a strange purple and white-spotted orb with two spiked balls orbiting it and surrounded by orange holographic panels. They deploy from sockets in the wall after detecting an intruder, and make a distinctive hum when they are active. They primarily attack with energy blasts and beams, and periodically project shields that deflect any and all forms of attack. Their most dangerous tool is a powerful computer virus. When damaged, the hologram cloud disappears and the main sphere begins to build up energy. When it finishes, it deploys the virus into the Power Suit's computer, disabling the suit's modules and causing the visor to experience serious lag. Rezbits should be dealt with quickly or else they can cause a great deal of trouble.


  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (First appearance)

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