Riileb SWJ13

The Riilebs were a race of tall, gray-skinned insectoid bipeds native to the planet Riileb, the Riileb were distinguished by their long, thin limbs, knobby hides, and pink eyes. The average Riileb individual had four nostrils, two for inhalation and two for exhalation, and a pair of insectoid antennae atop their heads. These antennea were polygraphic remnants from their insectoid ancestors, and could be used to detect the moods and biorhythms of other beings. All males, but only married females, were allowed to grow hair on their heads. As a people, Riilebs maintained strong clan relationships, with the females being regarded as the leaders. The Motherclan served as the ruling body of Riileb, and the leader of the Motherclan was deemed the Holder of the Clan Ring. The Riileb were first encountered by a group of Nimbanese scouts who reported their existence to Velrugha the Hutt. The Riileb resisted every assault Velrugha launched at them, and the Hutts eventually left them alone.