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General Information
Homeworld Luna
Height 2 meters (approximately)
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Robot Monster Universe

Ro-Man is a species of robotic simian aliens. They are apparently natives from the Moon.


The Ro-Man leader named The Great Guidance send a Ro-Man on Earth to exterminate humanity. Ro-Man managed to kill all humans with a ray, except for a few ones who survived thanks to a scientist. He also caused massive earthquakes and released dinosaurs.

Later, Roman killed the assistant of the scientist by throwing him off a cliff and strangling the youngest girl of the group. The Great Guidance told him why he kidnapped Alice the older girl instead of killing her, and Ro-Man replied that he will not kill her but the youngest member a boy named Johnny. The Great Guidance didn't tolerate that Ro-Man could act as a human so he sent a ray on him. Ro-Man killed Johnny, but he died from the ray and his body was next to Johnny.

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