General Information
Homeworld Nui Spiridonia
Habitat Land
Body Type Armadillo-like
Skin Colors Dark
Locomotion Walking, rolling
Diet Herbivorous
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Orion's Arm
Created by Todd Drashner

Rolleroxen are herbivorous creatures native to Nui Spiridonia in the Orion's Arm universe.[1]


They are similar in size and ecological niche, to the terran cow/oxen/bison or wildebeest. They resemble a giant armadillo with a blunt head. They have dark, almost black hide and shell. They have an armored shell, no eyes, and a cluster of short tendrils around the mouth, used to pull in food. Without eyes, they use sonar to perceive their environment.

They have short legs to travel short distances, but for farther travel, they roll into a ball and roll across the plains of their world, using sonar to navigate.

References Edit

  1. Rollerox. Encyclopedia Galactica. 22 December 2001.

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