The Ropagu were a delicate, peaceful race of near-humans native to the planet Ropagi II. They were similar to humans in height, but they have wispy, black hair that sharply contrasts with their pale skin. Their tall, thin frames were the result of generation upon generation living in the low gravity of Ropagi II. The eyes of the Ropagu were a strange pink hue. Facial hair among males was regarded as a sort of badge of honor, although the Ropagu were a peaceful race by nature. This had not always been so, for 4,000 years before the Battle of Endor there were 45 different Ropagu nations battling with each other over which was superior. The intervention of the Kalduu race saved the Ropagu from destroying not only themselves, but their planet as well. Since then, the largest conflict the Ropagu have engaged in was a series of philosophical and theoretical debates in which the loser was encouraged to find a better argument and return to the debate. At the advent of the New Order, the Ropagu had no military whatsoever, instead turning their activity toward obtaining knowledge. The Ropagu were also excellent computer technicians, and can program nearly every programmable device in the galaxy.

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