Roswell Remains
Universe Indiana Jones Universe
Species Interdimensional Being
Homeworld Unknown (Another Dimension)
Gender Unknown; potentially asexual
Hair color None
Eye color  ???
Affiliation Unknown

The Roswell Remains were the remains of the corpse of the Interdimensional Being that was found in the UFO crash of 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. Found and recovered by a team of secret agents, one of the members being Indiana Jones. Their bones were made of pure crystal. The remains were later stored in Hangar 51.

In 1957 Indiana Jones and George McHale were captured by Soviet agents led by Irina Spalko. They were forced to locate the crate where the remains were held. Indy, remembering that it had magnetic qualities, used gunpowder and bullets to follow their trail and locate it.

The crate was stolen by Spalko; her team transported it to Peru, where, in the Soviet encampment, Spalko showed to Indy that the creature's skeleton was crystalline.

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