Xenoplanet Telaria-4 (1)

Royal Rockrunner Scene

The Royal Rockrunner is a small but fast creature, there are two known speacies of the Rock Runner. These species of Rockrunner are much more aggressive than the other speacies, and can run 7 miles an hour.Their color is caused by the reflection of the sun. When its mating season they use blinding colors to attract their mate, they hunt in pack's do to their small size


Royal Rockrunners live in the planet Naxus, this planet has a Global Desert and its ocean's are fresh water which allows a lot of life to live on the planet.The Royal Rockrunners live under ground to escape the cold winds at night time. They make their homes near the water to avoid Dehydration.


The whole rockrunner speacies did not have an Evolutionary Line instead a tribe that no longer exists created them. Soon the tribe citizens went on a war and the one tribe split in half, the Yellow tribe created the Original Rockrunner, the Royal tribe created the Royal Rockrunner, the two tribe went into war and were all killed leaving behind the Rockrunners.


Universe: Spore Universe
Xenoplanet Telaria-4

These are the Royal Rockrunner one of the two speacies of the Rockrunner

Habitat: Desert

Size: 61 cm

Diet: Carnivore

Language: Unknown

Sapience Level: Non-Sapient

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