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The Rseikharhls were a race native to the planet Rseik in the Rseik system in the sector of the same name, located next to the Minos Cluster, Tarabba, Tamarin and Svivreni sectors. The Rseikharhls managed law enforcement across the entire sector, and, being technologically adept, designed and constructed droids to aid in this undertaking. The LE-VO law enforcement droid was a Rseikharhl design. One such droid model was the bipedal LE-VO law enforcement droid. The model was remarkably successful, securing 22,000 arrests and no fatalities across a ten-year period. It was due to this remarkable record that the Galactic Empire permitted the Rseikharls to continue their policing of the sector despite the New Order's pro-Human policies. The Rseikharhls' droids could be found on many frontier worlds in the Outer Rim Territories, such as Tatooine, acting as local constabularies. They were also available for sale through illegal sources such as Cynabar's Droid Datalog for 9,000 credits.

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