Rutan new
General Information
Homeworld Ruta 3
Height A few feet in diameter
Diet Electrical energy
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Doctor Who

The Rutans are a technologically advanced gelatinous species.


In their usual state, Rutans are large green spheres with tentacles, giving them a superficially jellyfish-like appearance. Their body is a few feet in diameter.

Rutans trained in 'special metamorphosis techniques' have the ability to take the form of any creature they desire. All Rutans can also generate lethal bioelectrical shocks, likely indicating the presence of electroplaques. Despite having no visible mouth, they can speak.

They seem to absorb electrical energy for sustenance.


Rutan Host

The Rutan from 'The Horror of Fang Rock'

The Rutans are at war with the Sontaran Empire, in a conflict which has been going on for fifty thousand years and never ends, despite the Sontaran Empire only lasting another ten thousand years (this might suggest that the Rutan host are winning the war, as the Sontarans would never surrender, even if they were almost wiped out).

The Doctor said that he would 'place [his] bets on the Rutans'.

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