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The Rutanians were a race of green-eyed, blue-skinned humanoids native to the planet Rutan. The average Rutanian stood more than a meter taller than a human, and was muscularly strong. They were known as hunters, and the hides they produced were renowned throughout the galaxy. They bred many of the native Rutan creatures on special preserves, where the beasts were maintained in order to produce exquisite pelts and furs. The aggressive Rutanians considered their cousins, the Senalis, to be primitives, lacking any form of cohesive society. Despite their differences, a sort of peace was achieved several years before the Battle of Naboo. This arrangement worked well for many years, until the Rutanians sold information on the Senali to the Yuuzhan Vong. The alien invaders utterly devastated Senali, wiping out the civilization and much of the planet's surface before turning their attack to eliminate most of the Rutanians as well. The few survivors were taken away and enslaved.

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