Ruurian Rabbitte

The Ruurians were a race of unusual beings native to the Outer Rim planet Ruuria and its 143 colonies. The caterpillar-like Ruurians passed through three unique stages during their lives. First, they were hatched from eggs into a larval stage, when they resembled multi-legged caterpillars. Six stubby legs supported the Ruurian's body, while ten spindly arms allowed a Ruurian an incredible range of dexterity. Each of the legs had four mutually-opposable fingers, with the exception of the rearmost pair of legs, which ended in a blunt "foot". They also had fine, wide antennae on top of their heads, and large, multifaceted red eyes. The larval Ruurians were the most creative and intelligent of their race, and performed the various tasks required to run their planet. The second stage of life was a pupal stage, in which the larva spun a cocoon around themselves and transformed themselves into beautiful, though utterly mindless, chroma-wing fliers. This was the third and final stage of Ruurian development, but it was also the most stagnant. The chroma-wing fliers only existed to eat, fly, and mate. They were single-minded creatures with no inclination to work. Thus, it fell to the larval members of Ruurian society to tend to the chroma-wing fliers and protect the pupae, in order to preserve and perpetuate their race.

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