SAR TOP is a prison that Cole/Daggon talks about or mentions frequently throughout the Tracker TV series. It is where the 218 alien fugitives escaped from - thanks to the Vardian known as Zin - who allowed them to escape to Earth and take on human forms.


SAR TOP prison is located in the Migar System, which consists of 6 planets: Cirron, Varda, Enix, Orsus, Nodul and Desseria. SAR TOP itself is located on a moon within the system, and houses around 15,000 of the six planet's worst inmates - such as assassins (e.g The Valix Sisters), thieves (e.g Zareth), murderers (e.g Rhee), copycat killers (e.g Suudor), terrorists (e.g Tevv) and more.

According to Cole, the Enixian drug known as Feckmon was used on SAR TOP as a way of keeping prisoners calm, which would have been necessary as some of the species - in particular Nodulians and Vardians - were very aggressive species. One time when Cole was wrongly imprisoned for the murder of Adam Curtis (who was in fact killed by another criminal called Tanner) - he explained to Mel that Earth prison was a lot different from SAR TOP. He also tried to explain about SAR TOP prisoners been restrained by neuro-debilitators - but Mel cut him off as there were more important matters to deal with at the time.

It appeared as though individuals from all six planets in Migar could apply for jobs at the prison, whether it be as guards or as trackers (individuals who would track down wanted or escaped criminals), as Raahm was a tracker at one point before been sent to prison himself by Cole. Cole himself was previously an educator but following the death of his wife and daughter at the hands of Rhee, Cole became a guard at SAR TOP to make sure Rhee stayed. After Rhee did escape thanks to Zin testing the wormhole, Cole became a tracker and headed to Earth to hunt Rhee down. In regards to Cole's collector, he stated he designed it himself but its not known if other trackers are given similar devices.

Despite having to deal with the majority of the system's most dangerous criminals, SAR TOP did show flaws in its system. Most notably was the Desserian criminal Nestov - who faked his SAR TOP details to pretend he was a Nodulian, with the hope that with the prison having the wrong details about him that he would be able to escape using his Desserian camouflage. As well as this, Zin allowed a large number to escape to Earth by using a wormhole he had created.


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