Sabertooth Vessel
The Sabertooth-class assault/rescue vessel was a capital ship class in the service of the Galactic Alliance Remnant during the Second Imperial Civil War.


The Sabertooth-class assault/rescue vessel was equipped with two large and flexible grapple-"teeth", that were heavily reinforced and adjust to almost any damage. Its close-range grappling systems enabled Sabertooth to latch onto enemy ships, dislodging Venom assault squads, or a damaged friendly ship, moving it out of the battlefield or rescuing its crew. The ship was equipped with powerful engines that allowed it to quickly haul its catch out of the battle area. It had a reinforced superstructure that could absorb enemy fire and allowed the ship to survive collisions with little to no damage. The teeth could also be jettisoned when in need of hasty retreat.

Sabertooth Vessel Schematic

Schematics of the Sabertooth.

Known shipsEdit

  • Redclaw


  • Star Wars: Legacy 10: Trust Issues, Part 2 (First appearance)
  • Star Wars: Legacy 21: Indomitable, Part 2 (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Star Wars: Legacy 36: Renegade
  • Star Wars: Legacy 42: Divided Loyalties

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