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The Sacheen-class light escort was the first ship class built as part of the New Republic's New Class Modernization Program.


They were 375 meters long and armed with 10 heavy turbolaser cannons, 8 laser cannons, and 8 ion cannons. Sacheen-class escorts had a hangar large enough to hold a single squadron of short-range starfighters (most likely the small Defender starfighter).

However, many of these ships, especially those assigned to group operations, were slow to receive their starfighters. The Sacheen-class was equipped with a very fast Class 0.9 hyperdrive.


Developed and produced by the Republic Engineering Corporation, the ships of the Sacheen-class were the smallest ships of the New Class capable of extended independent operations.

While operating alone, or with only starfighter support, these ships were often used for patrol duty. When operating within a battle group, Sacheen-class ships were usually assigned to screening duty for larger capital ships, or to escort convoys of Hajen-class fleet tenders.

While considered a light escort, the Sacheen was capable of engaging other capital ships with its heavy turbolaser cannons.

Later, the Hajen-class fleet tender was built on the same basic hull and systems of the Sacheen. This practice for using the same basic design for multiple configurations was so successful that it was adopted for all later New Class designs.

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