General Information
Other Names Cultivar
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapience
Behind the Scenes
Universe Dragon Ball Universe

The Saibamen are a race of aggressive sentient plant creatures in the Dragonball universe. Their exact origins are unknown, but it is widely agreed that Saibamen were created by the Saiyans to be shock troops that wiped out or overwhelmed weaker opponents so the Sayains could focus on fighting the stronger enemies.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Saibamen are short, ranging about the height of a ten year old child, but are surprisingly powerful. They have large heads, pointed ears, green bodies, visible veins on their heads, red eyes, and taloned hands and feet.

Life cycleEdit


A group of newly grown Saibamen.

Saibamen are grown, rather than born. Saibamen life starts as seeds that are planted in the ground. After they are planted and buried, a serum is poured onto the area where they were planted, and the Saibamen grow at an astonishing rate, fully grown and combat ready in a matter of seconds. Saibamen rarely survive combat, due to their use as meat shields.


Saibamen possess great strength, enough to reduce large rocks to pebbles with a punch or kick. They are able to manipulate Ki energy to fire at their enemies, spray acid from their craniums, and most devastating, self-destruct and kill most opponents.

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