The Sakiyans were a race of humanoids native to the planet Sakiya. Sakiyans were characterized by their deep, dark skin color and their huge crania. While black, purple, and red skin colors were mst prevalent, a pale-skinned subspecies was also known to exist. They also have pointed ears, giving them an almost devil-like appearance. Most Sakiyans have the ability to see into the infrared spectrum, and have keen senses. They were known for their skills as hunters, and have been sought out for employment as trackers and assassins.

During much of the Old Republic, there was considerable debate on the classification of Sakiyans as near-human or alien. Imperial scientists firmly established them as alien, but could only cite the differences in the brain structure of the Sakiyans as the basis for their decision. Over the millennia of their civlization, the Sakiyans have resisted or survived invasions, from the ancient Sith to the Drackmarians. This made them wary and suspicious of the galactic community. The musculature and ligament-attachment angles of the Sakiyan body gave them incredible strength and agility, making a Sakiyan about half again as strong as a comparable human.

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