The Samhari were a race of near-humans that looked identical to the Etti. They were native to the Outer Rim planet Samhar. Their homeworld, covered in vast, green forests, was near the hyperlane known as the Duros Space Run; however, the Samhari held themselves aloof from the surrounding territories. Their insularity saw them focus more on their own internal intrigues than those of the wider galaxy. During the period of the Republic Dark Age, the Samhari were considered by the Jedi Order to have few friends in the sector. A brief note on their homeworld was included by the Human Jedi Master Vannar Treece in his briefing to Supreme Chancellor Genarra shortly before Treece embarked on a mission into the Grumani sector. In the missive, Treece expressed ignorance of what had become of the Samhari while the sector was being contested by the Sith Lords Daiman and Odion.

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