Sap Sac
Sap Sac
General Information
Homeworld Tallon IV
Habitat Tallon Overworld
Height Unknown
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Language None
Subspecies/Races Aqua Sac
Behind the Scenes
Universe Metroid Universe

A Sap Sac is a form of flora found on Tallon IV. They are chemical filled sacs connected to vines. They give off an irresistible odor and make a sweet nectar. They were almost eaten to extinction, but evolved to have an explosive chemical sac. This explosive chemical sac will harm any creatures near it if ruptured. This can be used to others' advantages, destroying one from afar will take out any other creatures near it, including Bloodflowers.

It is unknown what their diet is. It is assumed to not use photosynthesis since it is sometimes found in caves where sunlight can't reach it.


  • Metroid Prime (First appearance)

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