The Sarkans were a race of humanoid lizards native to the planet Sarka. They had short, pointed snouts and large eyes, and were often brightly colored. They walked upright, and used their thick tails to balance themselves. Many xenobiologists believed that the Sarkans shared a common ancestry with the Barabels. Their clothing was often adorned with gemstones, and they preferred to travel in groups of three. They had their own version of protocols, and anyone who didn't adhere to them was considered a barbarian. Their standard greeting had its own protocol, and had to include the life history of each individual, the number of battles each had won, the number and value of all gemstones each had mined, and the various mates each had acquired over time. Obviously, these greetings often lasted for hours, and any greeting of less than an hour greatly diminished the giver's worth. Many fine arts experts considered Sarkan ballet to be among the most beautiful in the galaxy.

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