The Sasquatch were a species of large brown furred mammalians . A group of this species crashed landed on the planet Earth along with their cousins, the Yeti.

Biology Edit

Sasquatch seem more suited to the temperate environment such as forests, they are much large and bulkier than Humans. They have three digit fingers and toes. Their entire body is covered in fur, leaving only their face and hands bare.

History Edit

A group of this species was captured and enslaved by the Lycanthrope alongside their Yeti cousins. However they were treated less than equal to the latter. Forced into labor in their ship during the trip until they rebelled against their enslavers. However when the Yeti, Ti-Yet was chosen to be leader of both species, one Sasquatch dissatisfied with thin allowed the imprisoned Lycanthopes to escape. In the ensuing chaos the ship carrying the Sasquatch was destroyed, leaving him the last survivor.  

Culture Edit

The Sasquatch belonged to the labor caste and thus earned the scorned by the ruling class of Yeti.

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