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Saturnian is a name applied to any extraterrestrial species native to the gas giant Saturn, sixth planet of the Sol System.


  • Saturnians appear as an intelligent species in the comic strip Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!, in which Cliff loses the Earth's moon to them in a blackjack game.
  • The planet is inhabited by massive creatures called Rukhs, with over four kilometers in length, which swim through the Saturn's atmosphere in Robert L. Forward's novel Saturn Rukh.
  • The native Saturnians are described as phantom-like creatures with psychic abilities in John Jacob Astor IV's novel A Journey in Other Worlds.
  • A bizarre species known as the Cats from Saturn inhabit the Dreamlands in H. P. Lovecraft's The Dream-Quest Of Unknown Kadath.
  • Philosopher Voltaire's pioneer work of 18th century science fiction Micromégas features a Saturnian as one of the two gigantic aliens exploring Earth. He is over 6,000 feet tall, possessing 72 senses and a lifespan of 15,000 Earth years; yet all these numbers are small compared to his companion from the Sirius system which is even larger, longer lived and perceives the world through a thousand senses.
  • Saturnians are featured, along with species from each planet of the solar system, in the Brazilian magazine Superinteressante, where they're portrayed as a mix of butterflies and worms, with symbiotic Saturnian Bacteria living in their guts.
  • A race of intelligent Saturnians are featured in several episodes of the marionette series Space Patrol.
  • A race of hostile Saturnian beings attempted to wipe out humanity in the Superman / Aquaman Hour of Adventure episode "The Satanic Saturnians".
  • In George Griffith's A Honeymoon in Space, Saturn's atmosphere is inhabited by two-headed predatory beasts whose appearance is described as "like jelly-fish about the size of whales, only they have eyes and mouths".

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