General Information
Other Names Raptors, Zaterrians
Homeworld Earth


Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Real

Mortal Kombat Universe

Saurians are cryptids that are described as sapient reptiods who evolved from sauria blooded dinosaurs. They are depicted in movies and video games like Mortal Kombat, Star Fox, and even Star Trek. Also theres 3 kinds of Reptilian Humanoids theres the Saurians which stayed on the Earth the whole time, the Chameleons which live inside the earth on the far side of the moon inside the smoke stake thing that the astronauts thought was a volcano. and in addition to the Saurians and Chameleons there is also the Dracos. The Dracos also called Draconians were the Saurians that Left the Earth and the whole solar system. Its unlcear where in the Draco Constellation they chose to go but the Draconians just want to be left alone could be a thousand light years from the Earth or as much as on the Other side of the Milkyway Galaxy as Star Trek said that was were the Draconians went to the Delta Quadrant.  in real life thats pretty much the 3 the Saurians, Draconians and Chameleons. 




A saurian in its most advanced evolutionary stage is depicted as a bipedal. Over millions of years of evolution, their dinosaur intelligence will also evolve into telekinesis, initially developing a form of psychic defense. This ability allows them to camouflage themselves, or enter into a chameleon like state. On Earth, this ability even allows them to occasionally walk among unbeknownst humans. Advanced species develop superior technology to enhance their cloaking abilities, even invisibility. However, the most highly advanced reptoids are the type that can walk between dimensions becoming visible and invisible at will, without the aid of technology. Reptoids of this nature are extremely rare. The progenitors of the Saurians are exactly this type of advanced reptoid. A loose term for their identification is, the Tiamatians. They came from what the Hindu call, the Lokas or Talas. Some of these reptoids may be depicted as Nāga.

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Earth seedsEdit

Saurian bipedals

In ufology, the Tiamatians seeded dinosaurs and Saurians on Earth, and quite possibly other worlds, for the open minded. The Saurians on Earth, evolved from Iguanodontia who used their thumb spike as a tool or defense mechanism. Michael Tweedie proposed that this thumb was attached to a venom gland.[1] Tweedie's theory is not supported by the mainstream, but it is interesting that venom does play an important role in the evolutionary process. It is not confirmed that all Saurians have this evolved ability, but some have been known to possess a powerful corrosive fluid that can easily burn through steel and most organic materials, including other Saurians who do not have a defense against this natural weapon.

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The Saurians on Earth used a matriarchal society that was so important to them that if one were to drift away from the influence of their matriarch, or a surrogate, they would slowly lose sanity, thereby losing parts or all of their psychokinesis abilities. The Saurians once thrived on the surface of Earth, but eventually relocated to the subterranean levels below, building vast cities that interconnect at key locations, such as the poles, and Mount Shasta.

Mortal KombatEdit

In Mortal Kombat, the Saurians are known as "Raptors" and "Zaterrians". They were eventually driven from their homeworld by a war waged between the Elder Gods, Raiden, and Shinnok. In an attempt to survive extinction they fled to the realm of Zaterra, where they thrived once more (although in the end this attempt at survival would prove futile). When Shao Kahn, the emperor of Outworld, invaded and merged his realm with that of Zaterra, the Saurians were seemingly driven to extinction. There are only two known survivors of the species: Reptile and Khameleon, although one could assume that Chameleon is one as well considering his similar abilities and name style.

Star FoxEdit

SharpClaw Galleon

SharpClaw Galleon.

In Star Fox, saurians live on "Dinosaur Planet" called Sauria. It is a large planet inhabited by multiple tribes of dinosaur denizens. The climate is as varied as that of Corneria, with lush green forests, traversable volcanoes, snowy mountains, and purple dusted mountains. The ruling tribes are the EarthWalkers and the CloudRunners. The CloudRunners and EarthWalkers are at odds.

Star TrekEdit


Saurian in Star Trek the Motion Picture

In Star Trek, the Saurian race are spacefaring humanoid reptilianoid species who are members of the United Federation of Planets in the 23rd century. They are lizard-like humanoids with purple skin and bulging yellow eyes.

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