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Universe Tyrian Universe
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary Terrain TBA
Notable Species Humans

Savara is a planet seemingly owned by humanity, although it is considered a free world, and therefore may be more of a crossroads planet. It appears to be the homeplanet of Trent Hawkins, considered a hero to some during the 20,031nd Century.

Civilizational Information Edit

Culture Edit

Savara is the eclectic hub of the sector it resides in, and many varied cultures reside within in apparent peace and harmony; however, tourists should avoid such areas as few of them leave them alive. With this in mind however, one can sit behind glass enclosures to watch the race of their choice go about their daily tasks, where they are safe within as the inhabitants are unable to stop the tourist from prying into their private affairs.

Another strange aspect of society is a service known as "Bring it to You", where for a small fee locals will go and round up a few ethnic groups of the payer's choice. Those rounded up will then be forced to act as if they enjoy the presence of the tourist who has paid for their accompaniment.

Dining Edit

Savara is known for its interstellar dining halls in the underwater city of Ploo. The windows around the hall are domed, so that dozens of aquatic fish that swim just beyond the portholes can be viewed by the customers. This is intended to allow the dining people to be able to simply point at the fish of their desire, and it will then be captured and cooked within 30 seconds.

The remarkable variety of ethnic restaurants that dot the surface bewilders some. Many choose to cater to some of the more exotic tastes of potential patrons by serving anything edible (and some things that aren't) at competitive prices.

Entertainment Edit

Savara is also the merchant center of its sector, and it is said that just about anything one may want and everything one doesn't want can be found and purchased for an aggressive price. Price fixing and mob control have seen that no individual merchants will ever charge anything that isn't fair. Tourists often want to visit the Interstellar House of Gruel, wherein they can discover the fascinating history of the "great world of Gruel".

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