The Tragedy of Scarface02:37

The Tragedy of Scarface

Scarface was a Predator and member of the 'Dark Blade' clan, who appears as the main character in the game Predator: Concrete Jungle. Exiled for 100 years due to mistakes he made on his last hunt, Scarface is offered an opportunity to have his revenge and reclaim his honor.


Disgrace and ExileEdit

Scarface first arrived on Earth during the 1930's, beginning his hunt in New Way City in the USA during the city's hottest summer on record - with his actions causing the newspapers to give him the nickname "The New Way Devil". His hunt led him to target a man called Bruno Borgia - the self proclaimed "God of Gangsters" - whose wife Isabella was about to give birth to his son in a nearby church. Overhearing a conversation between Bruno and the corrupt Police Chief O'Brien over dealing with Bruno's rivals (including the Irish Mob), Scarface set out after Bruno to make a trophy of him - killing police and gangsters alike as he reached and entered the museum next door to the church. Once inside, Scarface continued to battle gangsters and police who stood in his way - taking the head of O'Brien in the process - before entering a confrontation with Bruno. Despite his strength, his reinforcements  and been armed with an axe and sheild from the museum, Bruno was outmatched by Scarface. Wearing his prey down, Scarface eventually dealt the decisive blow before ripping out Bruno's skull and spinal column.

Scarface 3

Entering the church through a broken wall, Scarface showed the skull of Bruno to Isabella - whom had just given birth to Bruno's ill son, Hunter. Taking off his mask, Scarface watched as Isabella pulled out a handgun, with his hesitation leading to his downfall as Isabella shot him in the eye - splattering her and Hunter with Scarface's blood. Forced to flee the church, Scarface accidentally left behind some of his equipment as he attempted to return to his ship - killing and skinning the Irish mob boss 'Broken-Face' Finlay along the way. However, his attempt to reach his ship failed as he fell through a roof. Believing himself to have failed, Scarface used his wrist computer to set his hidden ship to self destruct, believing the blast would kill him also. However, while the blast devasted a large portion of New Way, Scarface survived and was recovered by his clan members. Disgraced for his failure and for revealing their presence to humanity, Scarface was exiled to another world with only his Wrist Blades and a Glaive to fight against the hostile creatures native to the planet.

Scarface returns to Earth

Scarface returns to Earth to seek his revenge.

A Chance for RedemptionEdit

100 years on from his failure, Scarface was visited by his clan once again. In the 100 years since that night in New Way, Isabella and Hunter had formed a company called Borgia Industries in the rebuilt New Way City (now called Neonopolis) and had 'dissected' the tools Scarface accidentally left behind - allowing them to create new and advanced technology they called 'Prometheus Tech' - which they sold to other organisations such as Weyland Industries and the Yutani Corporation as well as with Neonopolis' various street gangs. Any Yautja who tried hunting in Neonopolis was been outmatched and captured by Borgia Industries. Given a chance to regain his honor and take bloody retribution against those who had stolen his technology for their own gains, Scarface returned to Earth.

In Neonopolis, Scarface began by dealing with the various gangs. These included:

  • Les Servitors: A gang - led by their hougan King Willie - who believed in and worshipped a sinister Scorpion god of slaughter called Zanguine. The servitors used a variation of the Predator's cloaking technology which they called 'Ghost Suits'. After dealing with several of the group, Scarface located their lair before eradicating the group and taking the Head of King Willie.
  • The Dead Men: A group of drug addicts whom are inpervious to pain, and who 'live to get high and to die'. They have recently started trading in Prometheus Weapons, based on the Predator's plasma casters. Disrupting their operations, Scarface gained entry to their base in an abandoned church and killed all the group members - including their leaders, the Dead Men Triad, to whom he took each of their heads as trophies.
  • Don Giovanni: A former Italian Mafia boss with his own private island. He was guarded by a large number of men, including his body guard and chief assassin Vincent di Angelo. He came into conflict with the Juvenile Pack-9 Gang; a group of young adults who wanted to kill him - with them stealing a Ulysses droid from the Police before attacking Giovanni's island. Gaining entry unknowingly with Scarface's help, Scarface proceeded to wipe out both groups and killed both the Pack-9's leader and Don Giovanni, before killing Vincent and taking his head.


Finally, Scarface targetted the Mexican American gang Los Matadores, led by El Hongo. After Scarface decimated the Matadores gun trade and prostitution business (killing both the prostitutes and pimps), El Hongo begs for help from Lucretia Borgia - Hunter's daughter and the CEO of Borgia Industries. Lucretia sends her boyfriend Viktor the Chechen and his group (The Machine Men) to deal with Scarface, only for El Hongo to watch in horror as Scarface easily dispatches the group and takes Viktor's head. Once again begging Lucretia for help, Lucretia sends him to the old docks where a special shipment of Prometheus weapons was taking place - guarded by Borgia special ops who were disguised as ex-porn star hookers, led by Baby Blew. Despite the tight security and technology that jammed his cloak, Scarface snuck inside - disabling the jamming technology, destroying the shipment, skinning El Hongo and killing Baby Blew before grabbing onto one of the trucks that was returning to the weapon depot.

Going after the BorgiasEdit

Infiltrating the depot, Scarface overcame the security as well as killing a Weyland employee trying to buy Prometheus tech, before causing the reactor to overload and explode. However, his existence is revealed after been seen on a security camera - leading to Hunter sending several waves of 'The Monster Squad' to deal with him. Despite fighting valiantly against the first wave and ripping out their skulls, Scarface was eventually overwhelmed and captured by Hunter. While unconcious due to an anasthetic, Scarface has flashbacks back to the night in 1930 when he fought and killed Bruno. However, due to the anasthetic amount been underdosed, Scarface awakes and breaks free - recovering his equipment, freeing some of his captured brethren and killing all in his way.

Scarface 2

Working with Borgia's computer system, MOTHER, Lucretia follows her instructions and activates the machines that control Neonopolis' weather - making it rain to disable Scarface's cloak - before releasing three brainwashed 'bad blood' members of the Dark Blade clan to stop him. However, Scarface dispatches two of the bad bloods (Swift Knife and Long Spear) before taking their skulls and disabling the weather machines. Continuing up towards Lucretia's penthouse, Scarface defeated all in his way - including defeating Lucretia's Ronin bodyguards but they escape before Scarface can kill them. As Lucretia tries to escape in her personal vehicle, Scarface jumps on - riding it as Lucretia heads for the Borgia Industries headquarters.

Inside, Scarface pursues Lucretia - destroying Ulysses mechas, armed guards and Monster squad members who try to stop him. Finding himself in a holographic version of New Way City from the 1930's - including a perfect replica of the church
Isabella's 'little friends'...

Isabella's 'little friends'...

- Scarface finds and duels the last of the bad blood predators (Stone Heart), before ripping off his head. Entering the chamber where MOTHER is located, MOTHER is revealed to both Lucretia and Scarface to be Isabella Borgia - been held in a preserving tank where she reveals that it was Scarface's blood that has allowed her and Hunter to live unnaturally long lives, as well as admitting it was her who keeps Neonopolis in sweltering heat during the summer, to draw the Predators to them with the combination of heat and gang warfare acting as the bait to the trap so she and Hunter can 'vampirise' the predators for their life blood to keep them both alive. As Lucretia leaves in disgust to try to find Hunter, Scarface confronts Isabella - who puts up an energy sheild before releasing her 'little friends' - a hive of Xenomorphs!

Scarface confronts Hunter...

Scarface confronts Hunter.

Needless to say, Scarface battles the hordes of aliens and disables the cooling fans, before destroying the power source to MOTHER's chamber. Although the backup power kicks in, Isabella's sheild goes down as there isn't enough power. Battling back through the hive, Scarface kills at least 50 of the Xenomorphs as he wipes out their nest before confronting Isabella. Although she admits her unnatural love for him, even calling him 'The Father of Neonopolis', Scarface impales her with his Combistick - killing her. Continuing on, he reaches the top floor - watching to see Hunter (who has transformed himself into a Human/Yautja hybrid by artificial means) fatally wound his daughter. Confronting Hunter, Scarface battles him for a while before convincing Lucretia's Ronin Bodyguard to aid him by playing a recording of what Lucretia said to her bodyguards earlier.

Scarface Triumphant

Scarface triumphant.

Final ShowdownEdit

Pursuing Hunter onto the roof, Scarface and the Ronin Bodyguard trio engage with him - although the Ronins are killed in the fight. Dodging Hunter's attacks and 'Dark Blade' Yautja weapons, Scarface pursues him onto the statue of Bruno Borgia before finally defeating him.

As an insult to injury folllowing Hunter's defeat, Scarface plays Isabella's conversation with him - where she states that Hunter was nothing but a 'stunted weakling'
Sign of the Clan

The Dark Blade clan symbol.

without Scarface's blood. Killing Hunter and ripping out his head, Scarface roars in triumph before painting his clan symbol on the face of the Bruno Borgia statue with Hunter's artificial Predator blood. With his mission complete and his honor restored, Scarface leaves Earth and returns home.

Additional Game FactsEdit

Scarface stands at eight feet tall, making him one of the largest predators - bigger than even the Super Predators. His design is similar to other Yautja, with his mask resembling that of the predator Celtic from AVP, although his design still has unique features such as the bloodstain on his mask that represents a scar. He is also heavily armed with several weapons and Yautja technology, which includes the following;

  •     Cloaking Device
  •     Wrist Blades
  •     Plasma Caster
  •     Spear Gun
  •     Combi-Stick
  •     Net Launcher
  •     Smart-Disc
  •     Shuriken
  •     Glaive
  •     Maul
  •     Throwing Mines
  •     Bio-Mask
    •     Vocal Mimicry
  •     Wrist Gauntlet
    •     Self-Destruct Device
    •     Sat-Com
  •     Medi-Kit
Predator Concrete Jungle Costumes06:00

Predator Concrete Jungle Costumes

Several of his weapons in the game are later upgraded - first by 'ritual' upgrades (which are often made from the bones of other creatures) and later 'clan' upgrades (which are weapons that are personalised by the Dark Blade clan and are the most deadly versions of the weapons). Scarface also has several armours in the game (that the player can change him into). These include:

  • 'Scarface' armour: This is the default.
  • 'Ritual' Armour: An alteration of his regular armour.
  • 'Dark Blade' Armour: Another alteration to his regular armour.
  • 'Bad Blood' Armour: Based on the design of the Bad Blood Predator, "Long Spear".
  • 'Jungle Hunter' Armour: Based on the design of the Predator from the original 1987 Predator film.
  • 'Alien Hunter' Armour: Based on the design of the Predator 'Scar' from AVP.
  • 'City Hunter' Armour: Based on the design of the Predator from Predator 2.

Scarface's name is likely a reference to the titular gangster character in the 1983 film Scarface. He is a very dangerous and successful predator, fighting and slaying humans, xenomorphs and bad-blood predators throughout his hunt on Earth to regain his honor.

He also showed a tendency to mock his prey using his voice mimicry.These instances included:

  • When he killed Baby Blew, he mimicked her line "What I've done with men, You wouldn't believe. Just relax and enjoy".
  • When he kills Isabella, he mimicked Bruno asking her to confirm he promised her "a night to remember".
  • When beginning his fight with Hunter, he agains mimicked Bruno with the lines "There's only room for one monster in this town", before then adding "You ugly son of a bitch!".
  • Finally, after defeating Hunter, he uses Isabella's line "Mighty Bruno Borgia fathered a stunted weakling, but you [Scarface] made him strong".


Predator: Concrete Jungle - (2005 Video Game - PS2/Xbox)

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