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Scorpion ALIEN

A Xenomorph that was created by genetic altering of a large Scorpion-like species. Very large in stature and possessing a specialized tail that resembles that of a Scorpion mixed with an Elite Xenomorph. Bronzish-gold in color and a very different head when compared with other Xenomorph's, resembling that of a crown with spikes. Broad shoulders and chest plating give it much more defense and making it succeptible only to a strong array of specialized, Marine assault weapons. Not only that, but possesses the power to blow itself up when in mortal danger, destroying everything in close-quarters. Perhaps rivaling the Queen, due to advanced and specialized weapons including its incredibly deadly (perhaps acidicly poisoned) tail, large stature, Elite-status and enhanced agility over most, if not all Xenomorphs. Having increased jaw size and devastatingly large mandibles makes up for the potential loss of an inner-jaw. Not ranked within the hierarchy of the Alien-caste due to it being a one of a kind cross-breed, but would be very essential with its incredibly destructive potential, making it a specialized brute/assassin type Xenomorph within the caste.

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