The Sedrians were the natives of the planet Sedri, the Sedrians were a race of sleek, aquatic mammals who worship the Golden Sun. They were 3-meter long creatures with seal-like features, including a thick coat of slick fur. They appear humanoid from the torso up, but have the lower body and tail flukes of a seal. They prefer to live in the water, but must breath air to survive. While they have gills, Sedrians also have lungs, and scientists aren't sure why one method of breathing hasn't been lost over the generations. They have constructed several underwater cities, like Fitsay, and appoint a high priest to guard the entrance to the cave of the Golden Sun. Very little was known about the Sedrians history or biology, because the energy shadow given off by the Golden Sun makes hyperspacial travel difficult near Sedri, so most ships simply don't get too near it. Their language was filled with barks and clicks, although they can master the Basic tongue with minimal problems. Their voices were quite loud, making it easy for Sedrians to hear each other underwater.

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