General Information
Homeworld Polyominus
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Segmentasapiens are a species from the planet Polyominus. A part of their species name describes what they do it is creating different objects in segments.


Segmentasapiens' appearance is similar to a gorilla made out of building blocks. They have three main colors: red, blue and yellow, with black lines all over their bodies. There stance is like a gorilla and also the way they walk unless there in a different shape like a gorilla they have the arms folded in their Knuckles. their feet are at the back of them curved. when they walk either they bring their feet up and put it in front of them on the ground or they walk with their arms in front and legs in the back almost like a human.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Segmentasapiens have the ability of shapeshifting and can transform into a variety of shapes, such as a cage or net, may take the form of anything around them. If their body is broken, it can be regenerated. They can also survive explosions because of their power of regeneration.


Segmentasapiens are one of the oldest lifetorms in the universe and are quite literally the building blocks of their civilization, capable of rearranging their matter at the sub-atomic level to create a vast variety of shapes and forms. They evolved this way in response to near-constant invasions of their strategically located homeworld, Polyominus, by seemingly every early warring alien species. To avoid detection by so many violent interlopers, Segmentasapiens began to transform themselves into the very architecture of their planet. In this way, they could remain hidden in plain sight as army after army over the centuries marched through or even occupied their eerily abandoned, medieval-style walled cities, finding not a single living creature—because the living creatures are the cities. Segmentasupiens are in fact so rarely seen in their true form. that many consider them to be only a myth.

Notes Edit

  • A part of their species name describes what they do, which is creating different objects in segments.

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