Universe Corridor 7 Universe
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Carnivorous
Language Unknown
Sapience Level Non-Sapient (Presumed)
Subspecies None Known

Semajes are amorphous puddles of purple-hued slimes with four eyes on eyestalks and a mouth full of multiple rows of teeth for grinding up prey. They are set out to slink around alien "levels", waiting to bite down upon the legs of potential prey as they attempt to wage war upon the other alien races. One must be careful around them, as their nasty sets of teeth can tear through even the thickest of body armor. Considering their lifestyle and lack of weaponry or armor, it can be assumed that they operate in a similar manner as attack dogs on Earth. One should be on the lookout for any and all Semajes and dispense of them immediately upon discovery. One should avoid allowing a Semaj to slither up them while they waste their allies.

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