The Sentinel Beam is a weapon in the Halo franchise. It is an oddly-shaped laser gun built by the Forerunners, and often wielded by Sentinels.

The weapon appears to be the only usable Forerunner weapon in the trilogy.

This weapon can kill most targets quickly, as with many laser weapons.

Gameplay Edit

Halo Combat Evolved Edit

This weapon is wielded by Sentinels. The player cannot use this weapon, as none are laying around. Also, you cannot pick one up from a broken Sentinel.

Halo 2 Edit

The weapon is now usable in Halo 2. The weapon can kill players quickly.

The weapon fires an orange energy beam. It drains its battery rapidly. It will overheat due to continuous fire.

This is only available in the map Backwash - the swamp map.

Halo 3 Edit

The Sentinel Beam is also usable in Halo 3. It has changed very little since the previous incarnation.

Halo Wars Edit

The weapon is used by Sentinels and Super Sentinels. Strangely, the weapon does not fire in a continuous beam.

Halo 2 Anniversary Edit

The weapon's Halo 2 Anniversary incarnation stays true to the classic counterpart.

Notes Edit

  • The sounds in Halo 2 Anniversary are different than in Halo 2 classic.
  • In Halo 2 Anniversary, the player character will throw a punch if you press B while wield this weapon.
  • This weapon's battery depletion rate is 5 charge per second.
  • This weapon is similar to the Phasers from Star Trek.
  • A similar weapon is the Covenant's Focus Rifle.

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