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Serleena is an evil Kylothian queen who appears as a lesser being but can take on the appearance of anything in sight. She can also shoot what appear to be vine snares from her fingers to grapple and attack.


As the evil leader of the Kylothians, Serleena was initially drawn to Earth several years back when the Zarthans attempted to bring the Light of Zartha to Earth under the watch of the MIB agency. Upon entering the scene, Serleena kills a Zarthan leader and dispaired as what she though was the Light of Zartha, flew into orbit. Over the years she traveled from planet to planet in her search for the shuttle, constantly being disappointed and destroying many worlds in bitter anger. Very soon, she gets contacted by her people to come to Earth and, after landing at New York City Central Park. There, she finds an open magazine showing an attractive Victoria´s Secret model. Indifferently she becomes a copy of the human model to stay on the planet unnoticed.

At the end of her transformation, a thief attacks her with a knife while licking her soft neck to take her behind the bushes to rape her without imagining she´s an evil alien in disguise. She responds by laughing and before being attacked, she grabs him by the neck and eats him alive. She digests him while licking her fingers and returns to the magazine is to see it again and realize the original woman doesn´t have that huge belly. Thinking seriously about what to do, she decides to return back the bushes, working hard to throw up his clothes. She succeeds and removes all his belongings (except his knife).

She takes his clothes to dress in a way better suiting the location she is in, disguising herself as a bike rider, and begins looking for the Light of Zartha.


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