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Shadda-Bi-Boran was an Outer Rim planet destroyed by a supernova in 38 BBY.


The planet was occupied by a peaceful, sun-worshiping civilization[1].

After eons of peace, the beautiful world was ruined when the star, Shadda began to fade, depriving the natives of life-giving radiation, and racked the planet with groundquakes and changes in weather and soon the planet would freeze, venting its atmosphere to space[1].

As the planet died, wealthy galactic circles expressed and aroused concern by circulating kerchiefs and armbands made of handcrafted Shadda silk[1].

In an effort to help, a young Padmé Amidala, part of the Refugee Relief Movement, visited the planet as part of a relief group to evacuate it before it would be destroyed by the implosion of the system's primary star. The star exploded in 38 BBY.

The green-skinned natives included N'a-kee-tula. The refugees from the planet died out, unable to adapt to life on other planets.

Behind the scenesEdit

Shadda-Bi-Boran was mentioned briefly in the novelization of Attack of the Clones, and would also have been mentioned in the movie, if not for a last minute rewrite of the line in which it was originally named, and then the deletion of the scene entirely. The novel, Death Star, makes indirect reference to the death of the star in this system, and implies that the system was located within a larger star cluster.


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