Shadow Planet
Universe Might ORBOTS Universe
Class Terrestrial
Affiliation SHADOW

The Shadow Planet, also known as the Shadow Star, is a hollow, dyson sphere-like world that is so huge, it has its own inner sun to warm it, potentially indicating it as a manufactured world as opposed to being natural in origin. It is the headquarters of SHADOW, a group known to some as "the most evil organization in the universe", a title to which others disagree with. Umbra, the bio-mechanical ruler of SHADOW, resides within the massive SHADOW Fortress upon this world, where he spins his many webs of evil intent with the specific purpose of capturing Mighty ORBOTS.

The Shadow Planet utilizes an array of weaponry and defensive systems that are considered so ominous that a direct assault by Galactic Patrol's forces would be considered folly, and is deemed "out of the question", leading many to ponder how such a gargantuan world could ever be brought to its knees, so to speak. Likely due to the full star that it encompasses, it generates an almost frightening amount of power, which allows it to actually move under Umbra's direction. It is said that any sector of space that the Shadow Star occupies will become totally under the control of SHADOW.

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