"Now, Executor, I know of a place where we can find solace. It is Shakuras, the secret homeworld of my people: the Dark Templar." -Zeratul, briefing the new Executor prior to the evacuation of Aiur.

After their exile from Aiur many years ago, the Dark Templar wandered the void of space for ages, seeking a world to settle upon. After years of searching, they had found the dark world of Shakuras. They had settled there upon discovering a massive Xel'Naga temple upon it, and had spent many years studying it.


Shakuras has no daytime, not in the common sense. Because the sun is too dim or too far away from the planet, Shakuras gets very little sunlight, if any. The planet's environments range from rocky plateaus to cold deserts to jet-black lakes and rivers. There are many alien structures that dot the landscape, ranging from simple stone arches to towers that resemble Terran Missile Turrets. It can be believed that the majority of these structures are Xel'Naga in origin. The shallow pits and trenches in the lowlands are shown to have veins of pale crystal in the walls. These crystals are possibly Argus Crystal.

Major ResourcesEdit

Besides run-of-the-mill mineral fields and Vespene Geysers, Shakuras is known to yield mysterious Argus Crystals. These crystals are, essentially, the Dark Templar's answer to the Khalai's Khaydarin Crystals. As fate would have it, the crystals were created by the Xel'Naga, like the Khaydarin Crystals. And like the latter, they generate energies that the Dark Templar can use to enhance their powers.


  • Kakaru: Pterodactl-like avians that ply the skies of Shakuras, especially in the area called Kakaru Keys.
  • The Dark Templar(and the whole Protoss race)
  • The occasional plant.

Notable LandmarksEdit

  • New Antioch: The first settlement of the Khalai that fled the burning ruins of Aiur.
  • Xel'Naga Temple: Used by the Protoss to exterminate the Zerg swarms on Shakuras.
  • Raszagal's Citadel: The home of the Dark Templar Matriarch. Surrounded by a field of Pylons that generate EMP fields, preventing aircraft and Zerg Flyers from approaching.

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