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The Shama' Li are a race from the planet Yavaun.

History Edit

Before the fall of the Tha' Roon Empire, the Shama' Li were the first witnesses of the changing wind that was sweeping their planet. Sensing dark times ahead the pacific Shama' Li prepared to defend themselves in the imminent conflict that would soon scorched the entire planet. 

As opposed to the other races the monastic race did not seek to fight for Yavaun, but rather to unite the species in harmony.

Biology Edit

The Shama' Li are bipedal humanoids. Pale skin and hairless with three eyes.

Culture Edit

The Shama' Li were originally pacifists. In fact its suggested that the Tha' Roon Empire did not see fit to incorporate them into its empire. Reclusive by nature, the Shama'Li, are monk-like practitioners of magic.

Terminology Edit

  • Shadow Dancer: This unique class is a mix between magic, hand combat, artful stealth and strong leadership. The Shadow Dancer is a living artistic expression of the Shama' Li's concept of "excellence in all things". The hypnotic grace of the Shadow Dancer is the complete integration of magics, defense, and dexterity.
  • Initiate: A Shama' Li marks the beginning of a long path. For this reason the initiates are treated with a lit of care, but are also charged with more mundane duties of Shama' Li living. While an Initiate may become a Guru some day, the Shama' Li believe it is the common duties that give him his roots. The initiates are average workers capable of average construction and deconstruction.

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