Shama' Li
General Information
Homeworld Yavaun
Height Roughly Human
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe War Wind Universe

The Shama' Li are a race from the planet Yavaun.

History Edit

Before the fall of the Tha' Roon Empire, the Shama' Li were the first witnesses of the changing wind that was sweeping their planet. Sensing dark times ahead the pacific Shama' Li prepared to defend themselves in the imminent conflict that would soon scorched the entire planet. 

As opposed to the other races the monastic race did not seek to fight for Yavaun, but rather to unite the species in harmony.

Biology Edit

The Shama' Li are bipedal humanoids. Pale skin and hairless with three eyes.

Culture Edit

The Shama' Li were originally pacifists. In fact its suggested that the Tha' Roon did not see fit to incorporate them into their empire. Reclusive by nature, the Shama'Li, are monk-like practitioners of magic.

Terminology Edit

  • Shadow Dancer: This unique class is a mix between magic, hand combat, artful stealth and strong leadership. The Shadow Dancer is a living artistic expression of the Shama' Li's concept of "excellence in all things". The hypnotic grace of the Shadow Dancer is the complete integration of magics, defense, and dexterity.
  • Initiate: A Shama' Li marks the beginning of a long path. For this reason the initiates are treated with a lit of care, but are also charged with more mundane duties of Shama' Li living. While an Initiate may become a Guru some day, the Shama' Li believe it is the common duties that give him his roots. The initiates are average workers capable of average construction and deconstruction.
  • Designer: Skilled in both the creative and technical aspects of architecture, Designers can make advanced buildings and vehicles, and are capable of moderate construction and deconstruction. To acquire a Designer, you must have a total of four Initiates and a Guild House.
  • Cavalier: The Cavaliers are a noble and proud faction of Shama'Li who travel the land to assist fellow families in the defence of their sacred sites and villages. To produce a Cavalier you must have a Temple and a Hostel. They ride Wild Bonca, whom they use to charge and trample opponents.
  • Defender: Using the mystic martial arts of hand-to-hand combat, the Defender is the ultimate in unarmed Combat. By focusing personal strength, the Defender can use an opponent's aggression against him, To acquire a Defender, you must conduct Research at a Temple, and train an Initiate in an Outpost.
  • Templar: Templars are a powerful defensive force, with an almost unstoppable command of martial arts; however, their slow foot speed and lack of long range capabilities makes them poor offensive units. To acquire a Templar, you must have a total of four Defenders, have successfully done Research for a Templar at an Outpost, and you must Train one of your Defenders at an Outpost.
  • Disciple: This rare and Wondrous class of Shama'Li weaves the elements of mysticism and combat into a fine braid. Disciples are controlled and subtle. This, in combination with great speed, stealth, and martial arts makes them the finest Scouts on Yavaun. Disciples have the Stealth ability level "Disguised." To acquire a Disciple, you must Train an Initiate in an Outpost.
  • Grand Master: Skilled in the arts of magic, melee and manipulation, to produce a Grand Master, your clan must Conduct Research at an Outpost, have a total of four Disciples, and one of those Disciples must be trained at an Outpost. There they are taught advanced control over their focus and inner strength, Grand Masters have the Stealth ability level "Invisible." In addition, they have the power to project energy forces from their fists, allowing them to strike foes from a great distance, and they possess other spell casting abilities, as well.
  • Shaman: The Shaman is the only true healer of Yavaun. While other professions require facilities, the Shaman can focus his powers on damaged organics in order to cast healing spells on sight. The Way of a Shaman can be walked by training an Initiate at a Temple.
  • Guru: Mystical experts and spiritual advisors of the highest power, Gurus possess more advanced spell capabilities than Shamans. To develop a Guru, you must have a total of four Shamans, and you must Train one Shaman at a Temple.
  • Elemental: A Guru who has acquired all five Bio-Upgrades and whose clan has achieved the same dependencies as a Cruiser can transform into an Elemental. These forces of nature possess awesome combat ability and become entirely preoccupied with matters of attack and defence. They are therefore the most uncharacteristic of all Shama'Li.

Shama' Li Heroes Edit

Grandmaster 'leo Cay'Shue Edit

Known also as the Monk of a Thousand Furies, Cay'Shue is a rotund, wizened sense who brings a higher influence to the Shama'Li with whom he serves. He also helps lower the cost of clan training. Should he "die" in combat, his body disappears, rather than actually falling to the ground. This hero appears if you have been playing the scenario for a while but do not have very many Disciples.

Jyo the Helper Edit

Jyo is a travelling "Good Samaritan" who assists the weak and defenceless. He charges nothing for his services, but doesn'ttend to stay around very long. He is a capable defender, who can externalise his Ki and therefore strike blows to opponents up to thirty feet away. In addition, Jyo can cast some of the mystic arts of healing. This hero appears if you have a small number of units.

Naga'Rom Edit

This strange being has been foretold by the Shama'Li seers as the "One Who Would Come as Many". NagaRom is the combination of all the finest parts of the four Races. He represents the past and future of Yavaun. An extremely powerful and enigmatic being, hos appearance is said by some Shama'Li legends to herald the end of the struggle and conflict. He appears at the drawing Place in order to read the Tablets of Reunification.