The Shi'ido were a rare race of shapeshifting aliens native to the planet Lao-mon. The Shi'ido had the uncanny ability to fog the minds of those around them, allowing them time to alter their appearance and make those around them seeing their new form as the true form. These two traits allowed the Shi'ido to co-exist with nearly any other race as if they were members of it. They could appear to be almost any species, and cloud the minds of those around them to reduce suspicions.

Unlike other polymorphic species, the Shi'ido's natural endoskeleton limited their ability to shape-shift to humanoid forms only, especially during their youth. The bones of a Shi'ido were thin and flexible, and were connected by specialized tendons that allowed for an individual to release and re-attach them in different configurations.

Because of their unusual abilities, the Shi'ido were thought of as disreputable spies and assassins, roles for which they were sought after by the Empire and large, criminal organizations. In general, however, they were a non-aggressive species which could live to be 500 years old or more.

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