Jeriba Shigan
Biography Information
Homeworld Dracon
Species Drac
Death after the birth of his son
Hair Color none
Language Drac
Behind the Scenes
Universe Enemy Mine universe
Appearances Enemy Mine

Jeriba "Jerry" Shigan was a Drac, and a friend of the Human Willis E. Davidge.


The human starfighter pilot Willis Davidge (affiliated with the Bilateral Terran Alliance, or B.T.A.) and the Drac Jeriba Shigan were forced to make an emergency landing following a low-orbit skirmish on the uncharted planet Fyrine IV. Once there, they resumed their fight. After Davidge was captured by Shigan, a meteor bombardment forced them to work together if they were to survive...which included learning each others' language. Despite being at odds with one another, Shigan opted to save Willis (at this point being referred to as Davidge) from the snare of the Fyrine Pit Fiend, and they eventually became friends. As Dracs are hermaphrodites, Shigan unexpectedly conceived a child. Unfortunately, Shigan's delivery was met with complications, and subsequentially perished, survived by his child.

Per Drac custom, Shigan entrusted Davidge with reciting the Jeriba lineage in the event that Shigan dies before the young Drac Zammis could be incorporated into Drac society; Davidge memorized the list of his ancestors by heart and would later teach the Jeriba lineage to Zammis when he came of age. This was almost not to be, as the Wild Cat miners (referred to as "scavengers" by Davidge) abducted Zammis and Davidge was mortally wounded and left for dead. A salvage team later discovered a mortally wounded Davidge on the surface near thermal vents, and was brought to the deep space station for disposition. Upon recovery, Davidge commandeers a starfighter and returns to Fyrine IV to rescue Zammis. His efforts led to the end of Drac slavery at the hands of the Wild Cat miners. As the film ends, Davidge narrates that his name has been included in the Jeriba lineage as Zammis recites his ancestry before the Drac council on Dracon.

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