Shiigan is a hybrid beast that appeared in the game Godzilla Trading Battle.


Shiigan was born as a result of an alien substance coming into contact with Zoo-plankton - resulting in the tiny creature mutating into a kaiju-sized beast.

Shiigan's physical appearance has both reptilian and insect features - while the creature has blades on its arms instead of hands. The creature also has spikes running along its back and a scorpion-like stinger on the tip of its tail. The creature's appearance bears some similarity to the creature Scyther from the Pokemon franchise, as well as to the alien kaiju Gigan.

Shiigan has the ability to let out a poisonous fluid spray from his mouth - similar to Biollante - and the power to fire energy blasts from his tail.


Godzilla Trading Battle (Video Game - Playstation One); Japan Only


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