The Shock Coil is an experimental Federation weapon that fires a stream of high-density neutrinos. When fired, the neutrino stream takes form as a bolt of lightning, which focuses on the closest target and gradually damages it with shocks, in a manner similar to the Wavebuster. When focused on the target, the damage dealt increases drastically, producing an audible buzz. The Shock Coil used by Sylux, of which is the hunter's favorite weapon, drains energy from its target to Sylux.

Interestingly, neutrinos are known for having extremely low masses and being completely harmless. This would mean that the Shock Coil should do no damage at all.


Weapon Type: Experimental Neutrino Beam

Strong Against/Weak To: Imperialist

Color: Blue

Used By: Sylux, Samus Aran


  • Metroid Prime Hunters (First appearance)

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