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The Shock Roach is a cockroach-like creature that is used as a weapon by Race X Shock Troopers, similar to the Hivehand used by Alien Grunts.


The Shock Roach exhibits all characteristics of a large insect, featuring six legs and a tri-segmented body. It is a symbiont that attaches itself to its user's arm, whereupon it is used as a weapon until the user's death. Upon its the death of its partner, it attempts to find another partner to couple with; if the Roach cannot find a replacement, it will quickly die.

As a weapon, it functions as a sort of assault rifle. True to its name, the Shock Roach generates large amounts of electricity, which is fired from the creature's eyestalk as bolts of lightning. It can fire ten bolts in quick succession before becoming exhausted, at which point it recharges while passive. In effect, it has a limitless supply of ammo.

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