"Same as the Former Humans, but much meaner, and tougher. These walking shotguns provide you with a few extra holes if you're not careful!"
―Doom instruction manual
New classic doom enem shotg

The Shotgun guy (also known as the former human sergeant, former sergeant and simply by sergeant) is an armored UAC marine from the DOOM universe that has been possessed during the invasion from Hell. The Shotgun guy has a very similar appearance to the Zombieman. The main differences between the Zombieman are the blood spattered black and dark green colored uniforms, bald heads, and the use of a pump-action shotgun instead of a semi-automatic rifle. These possessed Humans, along with Zombiemen, are used as guards, light infantry or meat shields by the forces of Hell.

Combat Characteristics Edit

The Shotgun guy's shotgun is significantly more dangerous at close range than the Zombieman's rifle due to the spread-shot of the shotgun and thus, makes the Shotgun guy more of a dangerous opponent up close. It definitely has more armor than the Zombieman but shoots much less frequently.


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