Med sh
General Information
Homeworld To'ul'h Prime
Habitat Land
Body Type Quadrupedal tetrapod
Height 1.45 m
Length 2.35 m
Weight 160 kg
Skin Colors Black
Locomotion Walking
Diet Detritivore
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Behavior Domesticable
Language None
Behind the Scenes
Universe Orion's Arm
Created by Steve Bowers
Designed by Andrew P.

Shur'rooss'hurs are large, quadrupedal animals native to To'ul'h Prime in the Orion's Arm universe.[1]

Biology Edit

A Shur'rooss'hur exhibits bilateral symmetry, though the creature begins and ends in a similar fashion. It is a quadrupedal tetrapod, with its four limbs and a couple of cantilevered appendages radiating out from below an almost featureless, bulbous spindle harboring the brain and other internal organs.[1]

Most notably, the creature has two long cantilevered appendages. The extreme of the frontal appendage carries a sideways-opening mouth, which is provided with tusks for scooping up food; along with six eyespots and numerous lateral whiskers. The hind appendage has neither mouth nor eyespots, but still has many whiskers.

The brain case has a frontal hole, from which a Shur'rooss'hur emits sonar chirps.

The four legs of a Shur'rooss'hur end with wide feet, and are also provided with whiskers sensitive to vibration and scent.

Domestication Edit

The Shur'rooss'hurs are docile enough to have been domesticated by the To'ul'hs in past. Though not large enough to put things on them, they proved to be strong enough to pull non-motorized vehicles.[1] They are still used on planet H'me'ch, a To'ul'h-colonized world.[2]

References Edit

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