The Skrillings were a race which evolved on the planet known simply as Agriworld-2079, the Skrillings were humanoid scavengers of large size and stature. The average Skrilling was distinguished by the baggy skin that covered their large bodies. Their small, poorly-functioning eyes sat above eight breather tubes that took the place of a nose. These tubes were studded with olfactory buds that allow the Skrillings to rely on their sense of smell instead of their poor eyesight. Their mouths were filled with rows of sharp, needle-like teeth that allowed the Skrillings to feed on the dead carcasses of the various grazing beasts of their homeworld, filling the niche of scavengers in the ecological system of their homeworld. This had led many other races to regard them simply as disgusting, annoying beasts with no real intelligence.

The Skrillings were discovered by a M'shinni exploration ship during the era of the Old Republic. The Skrillings had no name for their world, so the M'shinni simply named it Agriworld-2079. It was later determined that the name "Skrilling" was in fact a M'shinni term that means "bone picker."

As a people, the Skrillings avoided conflict, but were not afraid to take advantage of a situation if the conditions were right. They had once been a nomadic race, but the segmentation of agricultural land by the M'shinni forced them to form loose villages. Skrillings also had a unique talent that allowed them to continually ask the same question in many different ways, wearing their opponent down but never angering them. This allowed a Skrilling to ingratiate themselves into any situation, and it was believed that this was the method they used to gain transport on M'shinni cargo ships and escape Agriworld-2079.

The Skrilling race developed minimal levels of technology before the appearance of the M'shinni, and ha evolved only minimally since then.

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