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Skywhale (Orion's Arm)

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Skywhale To'ul'h Prime
General Information
Homeworld To'ul'h Prime
Habitat Airborne
Body Type Cetacean-like
Length 20 m
Skin Colors Yellowish
Locomotion Floating, flying
Diet Filter-feeder
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Orion's Arm
Created by Anders Sandberg

Andrew P.

Stephen Inniss

Steve Bowers

Skywhales are large flying invertebrates native to To'ul'h Prime in the Orion's Arm universe.[1]

Biology Edit

Anatomy Edit

A Skywhale is a large, bilaterally-symmetrical, filter-feeder invertebrate, that remains afloat by the buoyancy provided by internal hydrogen gas bags. Though it has no true backbone, it has a strong dorsal network of members that prevent the gas bags from ripping apart.

Its mouth is sideways-opening.

Evolution Edit

Originally a hyperthermophile, it has evolved to adapt to the photic zone of the atmosphere where there are larger quantities of food available in the form of skyplankton.

It has even established symbiosis with many forms of skyplankton, by allowing it to grow on its skin, preventing parasitic forms of plankton to infect the Skywhale.

References Edit

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